Falls Church Neighborhoods: Mosaic District

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If you head down Gallows Road in Falls Church,  you’ll notice a lot of construction taking place, especially around the intersection of Gallows and Lee Highway. VDOT is widening this intersection (0.6 mile along Lee Highway and 0.8 mile along Gallows Road) and at the same time, Edens & Avant is developing the Merrified Town Center, which is/will be known as the Mosaic District.

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors created the Mosaic District Community Development Authority in April 2009. Since then, old buildings have demolished to make room for the new development, and others will follow (good-bye, Lee Highway Multiplex). So, what’s the plan?

Conveniently located less than one mile from both the Dunn-Loring/Merrifield Metro station and Inova Fairfax Hospital, the 31-acre site will eventually comprise 1.9 million square feet of “retail, hotel, office and a mix of residential inclusive of affordable, workforce and market-rate housing,” according to Edens & Avant. Four parking decks for public use (free of charge) are also in the works. Two parks and open space covering more than 2 acres are planned, as well.

The community will include “pocket parks,” 20-foot wide sidewalks on District Avenue (a pedestrian-friendly main street in the development), shuttle service to and from the Dunn Loring/Merrifield Metro station, and a traffic-calming street design. The creators of the Mosaic District are also hoping to host a farmer’s market and other weekly events in the open spaces.

Local residents will surely be pleased to hear that Target is coming to town. It will be one of the anchor stores of the project, and will be an “urban” prototype, consisting of the entire fourth floor of one of the parcels with an entry from the park. It’s slated to go in during the first phase of development.

Also scheduled: a new restaurant from the Black Restaurant Group. They haven’t decided on a name yet, but these are the same folks who brought you Addie’s Restaurant, Black Market Bistro, Black’s Bar & Kitchen, and BlackSalt Fish Market & Restaurant. Ground breaking is scheduled to take place sometime in June, and they are expected to receive ownership in March 2012. Once that happens, it will be another four to five months before they are officially ready to bring you another mouth-watering menu. Other retailers planning to set up shop are Angelika (an arthouse cinema) and the organic grocer, MOM’s.

If you’d like to see a virtual tour of the Mosaic District, click here. You can sign up for email alerts here. And, of course, you can follow the progress and get more information about the project on Facebook and Twitter.

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2 Responses to “Falls Church Neighborhoods: Mosaic District”
  1. Nancy Cassidy says:

    I’ve been wondering why the Lee Highway Multiplex Theaters had to sit empty and unused all this time!! I live about 2 miles from that intersection and I practically lived in those theaters. Then in January 2009, I come home from an overseas trip to find the theaters closed?!?! I was devastated and pissed. And now over a year and a half later they’re still sitting there closed and unused? How dumb is that? Why couldn’t they have remained open all this time while you guys took your own sweet time finalizing all these renovations? Nothing else was going on, the parking lot was still fine and usable. WTH were you thinking?? BTW, your website last year said everything was going to be done by 2010. Now you’re saying 2012? Sheesh, I couldn’t care less what you build down there now. I am so over you.

  2. Ted Vergakis says:

    This looks great. Just a few questions. What are the estimated dates for Target to open its doors, and the completion date for the entire 31 acre project? Are there any thoughts on providing the ability for residents to walk to the Capital One Bank (near Sweetwater Restaurant), to the Merrifield Post Office, or for a cross-walk over Lee Highway so one can walk to the Dunn Loring Metro?

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